Friday, February 09, 2007

Rodarte - roses, ghosts & sea dreams

Nature will always be in some way, the epitome of all beauty which we try to recreate and emulate in human form. Following that instinct, we saw California-based sister duo, Rodarte, create an entire line which took inspiration from English rose gardens for Spring ‘07. The centre model looks like she's sitting inside the folds of a rose's petals.

For Fall 07, the duo dubbed ‘avant-garde,’ shift their attention in detail from the natural plant world to something more supernatural, creating gowns with a ghostliness that reminds me of heavenly goddesses. Translucent colors, textures, and soft ephemeral volume, in the designers’ words, “achieve a type of ghostly effect."

This gold gown from their most recent collection made me think of ethereal life undersea: its skirt looks like rippling gold waves, and the model herself a gleaming fish with perfectly patterned scales.

Hmm... wonder if Bjork knows about Rodarte yet?

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