Wednesday, February 28, 2007

That Dutch Duo

It's been said that one should not call himself an artist unless he 'has something to say.' Viktor&Rolf always have something to say. With waify models struggling to hold up the weight of lights and rigging while they struggled to walk down the catwalk, V&R's Fall 2007 show was (obviously) less about the clothes, than it was a statement about fashion. In their latest theatrical performance, the designers suggest that each of us is a spectacle, parading through life as though in a fashion show.

Many people in the industry will see this as another instance of designers mistreating their models. But as the backstage photos from intimate, the models seem to be having a laugh at the parody they participate in. Personally, I think the whole thing's hilarious. Even the fashion world could use a healthy dose of humor.

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RWX said...

I always come equipped with my own lights and rigging. Never depend on the amateurs.