Friday, March 02, 2007

Jogging evening

Fall/Winter 07 Stella McCartney

Sweatpants are worn mainly for comfort, right? If so, I can't see myself combining a pair of comfy joggers with killer, lower-back-panic-attack, platform heels. Nonetheless, Stella McCartney's sweatpants and heel combo works in a youthful, surprisingly nonchalant way. It seems elements of Stella's "Gym Yoga" line, inspired by dance and ballet, and designed exclusively for Adidas, have bled into her ready-to-wear collection, fusing chic with sports-utility. Now try holding that yoga pose in four-inch heels. (Photo from Spring/Summer 07 Gym Yoga collection)

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Cupcake Queen said...

I purchased the most soft and comfy sweatpants exactly like Stella's (cropped and cuffing at the ankle)from Club Monaco for $20 a few months ago! I love them.