Sunday, March 18, 2007

Unsellable wearables

Androgyny in clothing refers to the mixing of not only both male and female pieces, but ideas too. At its most generic, the androgynous in fashion finds its image in something like a woman's pantsuit or suspenders, but Martin Margiela goes beyond typical ventures into 'cross-dressing' by mixing the masculine and feminine in more conceptually creative and structurally challenging ways, as seen in this dress made from men's bow-ties.

Though I doubt this dress is sending the cash registers ringing... I'd consider wearing it. It is after all, the epitome of 'black tie formal'!


Emma said...

only like two people could pull that off.
and i don't know who they are.
great blog!

S said...

Some of his pieces are truly genius.
I went to a fashion exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and they featured pieces from his collections. Amazing. Vest from leather belts, shirts from pillows, etc...very creative.

ilovesecondhandsmoke said...

Hm, I dug up the issue and tried looking it up. Doesn't really say who the artist is, but you are right, it looks just like his work!

Yeah, especially the little kid with the animal costume, which Nara is known for.

I looove the blog. Lots of fresh content. Want to exchange links?

coco said...

i like the detail on it.

Anja said...

Wow. Is that dress made from ties only? That's...groundbreaking :P It would've been fun to wear and see peoples reactions :D

Oh, and the bikini held up by beans on my blog is from topshop! :D

Eve said...

I found a picture of a model in her street clothes wearing a men's bowtie draped around her neck. It's posted on my blog:

I'm continuing that trend for sure!