Thursday, March 15, 2007

White Label - Fashion Minute Video

Too bad you can't touch these images! Reason being that my friend Evelyne Dupuis, the designer behind Montreal's White Label, works with the softest, most buttery Italian leather to create these luxurious, zipperless, hardwear-free handbags, as well as street-chic cocktail gloves - available at boutiques in Old Montreal.

Click on the video below for a 'Fashion Minute' I did with Evelyne.


Carissa said...

Hmm, I wonder wher White Label would be available in the States?

rajipie said...

Evelyne's goods are available in LA at:

515 South FairFax Avenue

And for leather fingerless gloves that fit well, "like a glove", you can contact her directly with proper measurements at:

Ostentatious Style said...

Great video, amazing gloves! Well done!!!