Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Smart Start

Leisa Barnett from Vogue reports that the best designer boutique in East London, Start, is finally selling its clothes online; making them available to international customers. A favorite of designer, Sadie Frost, the Shoreditch locale provides unique and bespoke men's and women's wear with a rock n' roll edge, featuring designers from Phillip Lim to Miu Miu, and "quirkier" independent labels. When I recently interviewed Start shopkeeper, Ross, for a "Hidden Gems of East London" promotional piece I produced for the television program Fashion File, I was criticized by one of the judges, Bronwyn Cosgrave, for incorrectly identifying Start as a hip East End haunt. Cosgrave said that Start was run-of-the-mill and boring, and yet, now the magazine she used to write for, British Vogue, is calling Start, "a secret weapon in the armoury of celebrities, fashionistas and musos alike." Hmm... may I offer you some humble pie, Mrs. Cosgrave?

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Anonymous said...

hilarious! that woman's a b*tch! she is one of the nastiest women i know in all of london. i understand she used to be overweight and now, she makes fun of other overweight people. bad look.