Sunday, May 20, 2007

The handbag ate my homework

Momobomba's handbags are made out of real classwork and exercise sheets from first-graders, and lined with old t-shirts. Now this is some homework that your dog better not eat!


discothequechic said...

They're fantastic!

Genius excuses haha. These days its all "but my printer cartridge ran out of ink!"


S xx

rollergirl said...

Those are amazing!

GoGoGirl said...

These are so neat, I love fashionable items that are handmade or recycled...

It would look cool as decor, too.. I'd love to do a "fashion room", I've already picked out 2 other items... candles that look like lipsticks and a fashion boot pillow!

I've also seen pics of "designer" sweatshirts recycled as chair pads (i.e. A&F or OldNavy pulled tight over chairpads)

Candid Cool said...