Thursday, June 07, 2007

CFDA bits and bobs

After rifling through all the photos I could find online of the 2007 CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) awards, beyond the usual parade of gauze and silk, plastic pulled faces and hobnobbing celebrities, there were a few oddities to note, and here they are:
In fashion spreads and adverts, Ms. Lily Cole usually looks like something out of a dreamscape or an enchanting fairytale. However, without the primed makeup and ideal angle, I'm afraid she looks a bit deranged here; her copper tresses like a frayed carpet, and that perpetually annoyed look in her eyes. Ah well, still love her!Donna and Gaby Karan: can you spot which one is mom and which one is daughter?
Margherita Missoni and Derek Blasberg stood out at the CFDA Awards with their quirky outfits. I like Blasberg's tie - it's short and stout and goes against the grain of the omnipotent 'skinny' tie trend.


Model Citzen said...

lily looking deranged. lolololol!!!!! that literally made me LAUGH OUT LOUD.

sulu-design said...

Donna is looking good!

ambika said...

Absolutely agreed on all of these. That last photo--they look like they'd be great to get a beer with.

Jessica said...

i think Gaby looks older then Donna. They have the exact same face.

I recently saw Lily Cole on the street near Bryant park and she didn't look this bad. Someone needs to help her a bit.