Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Leonard Cohen

Pictured above is my friend, Tamara, (on the left), and in the middle is Mr.Leonard Cohen. Tamara ran into "Leo" on the street in Montréal the other day. They had lunch together the following day. It's a bit bizarre to see my friends pictured so nonchalently next to the talented musical icon.


j said...

"I met a woman long ago
her hair the black that black can go,
Are you a teacher of the heart?
Soft she answered no.
I met a girl across the sea,
her hair the gold that gold can be,
Are you a teacher of the heart?
Yes, but not for thee."

Poor Leonard.

j said...

Well maybe I should have referenced that. For those not up on Leonard Cohn, those are lyrics from one of his songs. Apparently he occasionally finds himself as pictured.