Thursday, January 01, 2009

2008 eCard Awards

E-cards have become de rigeur no doubt. I talked about it with the amazing Geeta Nadkarni, an eco celebrity on the national news at CBC Television in Canada. "Raji Sohal, a personal shopper and stylist extraordinaire shares her funky and innovative ideas for making wrapping paper and cards as exciting and useful as the gifts themselves." You can check out our clip by clicking here.

Now that the festive season has ended, I have to share my favorite eCard. It happens to be the one below from my pal, an artist known as Jack Dylan.Full disclosure: I took this photo of Jack during an impromptu photoshoot a couple of months ago, after a day spent personal shopping with Jack and the night before he embarked on an extended European adventure. We dolled him up in his some, let's say, 'unusual' but stylish items he suddenly acquired from someone. I like Jack's holiday eCard for two reasons: the 'killer' Top Gun expression, and the 80's font used in the 'Seasons Greetings' message. (Sidenote: I did a fun interview with Jack for my CBC Radio 1 column, 'Raji on the Verge' which aired a couple of months ago. When I figure out how to upload it to this Blogger post, I'll put it up so you can hear it!).

The runner-up award for best eCard goes to my friends, 'Rocky' and 'Todd' who sent me this xmas card from their recent sabbatical in Hawaii.


molly said...

cool picture :)

♥ fashion chalet said...

I am forever stealing my mom's everythingggg- hahaha. Then she gets "mad" and says it looks better on me anyway, and let's me "keep" it for a bit.. ;)

Girl next blog said...

Great picture!