Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Tower Power

Countdown: 25 days until my birthday. These Chanel puppies currently purring my name from atop shelves in Coco's boutiques have "Happy Birthday Raji" written all over them. They felt like walking on black, satin clouds. Gimme, gimme.
I did leave Chanel with something however; Chanel Hydrabase in Fire, Shade 65. Previously, I'd been wearing Chanel Lotus Rouge. Some girls do the big scents, no9, Allure etc. But Chanel lipsticks are my thing. I swear by their unique shades and rich texture. The bonus safety feature of my new one is that in case I require a rescue mission for some reason, this baby's bright enough to get my lips seen from outerspace. I know $42.00 is quite the hit to take for lipstick but hey, it's my signature. Muah!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Holy hotness! How did you leave those Chanel shoes in the store?!