Wednesday, April 29, 2009

4 M's: Montreal in May = Mutek & Michal

If you happen to be in Montréal in May, check out one of my favorite music festivals, MUTEK, which celebrates its 10th anniversary of bringing electronic and experimental artists to perform in the city.
Dope line up this year, including Moderat which features Apparat (whom I saw in Berlin - he's amazing!), and Modselektor. Last year, I did a piece on Mutek for CBC which featured an interview with my 'friend' and Montréal's own, Tim Hecker, who performed his set in a pitch black, sold out theatre. When it's good, MUTEK offers up shows that are a fantastic realization of the meeting point of art and music.

"Immaterial Box" by Michal Rovner
Also, in Montréal in May, contemporary art gallery, DHC, continues to uphold high curatorial standards by bringing by displaying an exhibition of work from American-Israeli artist, Michal Rovner.


prettyneons said...

damn, I want to attend that festival, sounds brilliant!
Cheers for sharing ;)
PeAce & BoWs...
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Pretty Little Pictures said...

Tehee, i wish i was in Montreal!!