Thursday, July 16, 2009

Beauty trend: Eyebrowless

The New York Times reports that the early-90's look inspired by waif model icon, Kristen McMenamy, is bringing back an old trend in beauty with her cover shot of VOGUE ITALIA: no eyebrows. As I gear up preparation for styling a 90's-themed shoot this weekend, I've been poring over inspiring looks from the eyebrowless era, they follow below and feature Kristen.

I'm not sure if the eyebrowless trend will sweep the mainstream as it seems many women are still only finally beginning to embrace a slightly thicker (not quite 'bushy') more-80's inspired brow. Besides, it takes very good bone structure to get away with being eyebrowless, maybe save this freakish trend for the freakishly beautiful among us?


Eliza J said...

I'm not going there, for sure! I can only imagine my mom's face! lol

Martha said...

I love my Brooke Shields eyebrows and thinks this look only looks good on Kabuki artists.
Thanks for your visit to my blog, Greetings from Los Angeles.

Fashion Devotee said...

I am not a fan i think eyebrows are essential...I love how women are now embracing the full, thick brows.