Friday, October 16, 2009

Montreal Fashion Week - SS 10 - DENIS GAGNON

Montreal Fashion Week wrapped up last night with its most anticipated show - Denis Gagnon. Body con, slick, Balmain-esque silhouettes. It was refreshing to see pale pastels in the mix, given that the designer's religion has been black-on-black for the last several collections. The bold, chunky, mishapen bracelets worn by the models were provided by my favorite Montreal jewelery designer, the very talented Harakiri. As expected, all attendees looked like they had paid great attention to what they themselves wore to the show. The sharpest-dressed gentleman there was photographer, Sylvain Blais, in his white suit and black bow-tie in the front row. I wore an obscenely large-shouldered vintage fur myself, and got my photo taken by a few magazine photographers present at the event. If I happen to come across any snapshots of it online, I promise to share! Photo credit: Gazette Montreal.

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