Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Strong Shouldered Soldier

This Fall season has seen strong, dramatic shoulders on clothing ranging from novelty sweaters  to leather jackets , and smart Balmainesque blazers. But the bold shoulder trend is not for everyone. The svelte among us with ballet-type posture (and the fashion nerve to boot!), are the ones who will look best in this silhouette. This dress from designer Katie Gallagher may be one of my favorites in the category of football-shoulder inspiration, because the volume takes up the entire upper sleeve. My only trouble with wearing this very sculpted look is a question of what coat to wear on top? I have been burying the volume of bold shoulder tops and dresses beneath my voluminous secondhand fur coat, but I suppose leather, elbow-length gloves and a scarf should be able to do the trick in Fall.


Michael H. said...

Hi Raji,

I'm writing an article about the show Fashion File, which the CBC cancelled this year.

I was wondering if you would be available to talk about the Fashion File Host Hunt, and the show in general.

Hope to talk soon. Thanks.

All the best,

Michael H.

Antonia said...

This dress is ah-MAZING! I would wear it in a heartbeat!

xx Antonia

misslikey said...

this dress is something

Coco said...

I love a strong shoulder with a simple outfit. I think they'd look great with fur as you mentioned. x