Thursday, October 14, 2010


Every year, POP MONTREAL International Music Festival, puts on a fashion/design fair called PUCES POP, of which there is a fashion show/competition for new emerging designers. This fun event for our vibrant artistic community provides an unprecedented opportunity for local designers to showcase their work without the financial investment of participating in capital "F" Fashion Week. In a bizarre and lucky twist of organization, POP managed to book the  Rialto, a much more beautiful venue to showcase clothing than the tents downtown. I know the work that goes into the event as I was the coordinator in its second year. This year coordinator extraordinaire was Marilis Cardinal, who invited me to participate in the festival in a very different way: as host!
Alongside the other host Julien Ceccaldi, we introduced designs by six emerging labels in MontrĂ©al.  You can find descriptions and brief interviews with the designers on my friend Serah-Marie McMahon's fashion journal, WORN, site, (where you can also read Jackie Irvine's recap of the show). 

 Although from my place onstage I wasn't given the best view of the garments, I had a sneak-peek beforehand and was thoroughly impressed by the calibre of work put into the collections.
Photos of Fashion Pop taken by talented Richmond Lam via my girl Chloe's (featured above) blog.
The stylist in me was tempted to offer suggestions and tweak the clothes on the models backstage, but I kept the hands-on urge at bay! FĂ©licitations goes to the winner, Natasha Thomas and to all the other designers for their imaginative work. It was by far, the best showing of designers to date in the Puces Pop Fashion Show.


misslikey said...

wow a host. that is very nice:). and you looked lovely.

Grace said...

Sounds fantastic.

Love Grace.

Jay Watts III said...

I concur: great job!

Anonymous said...

She's got legs.

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SAUVAGE said...

I've never heard of Cougar until now, but I've gotta say their classic boots are killer! Love your hair by the way.

Liz said...

DAY-UM. Looking good lady! By far, the best Pop Montreal fashion show. This time, the designers looked professional and ready to rock n' roll!