Wednesday, February 23, 2011

London Calling - Part 1

I've been meaning to post pics from my last visit to Londres, UK. Unfortunately, while the shopping was brilliant (Dover Street Market, LNCC, Shoreditch), most places wouldn't allow photos to be taken, and my fancypants camera (ch-ching!) doesn't exactly pass for 'inconspicuous' so I was always caught, Canon-handed. So please accept the above and below photographic documentation as my postcards to you: evidence that your curly haired companion ran (quite literally) around London in the name of fashion, art, friends, food, and music.
Got my fair deal of art too, with several days spent at Tate, White Cube, the National and smaller galleries in East and South London. I was hoping to bank some interviews for my colomn on RCI/CBC radio in Canada but schedules did not permit. Next time for certain. Cheerio!


noura. said...

come back soon!

F.M. said...

Thanks noura!

Looks like I'll be back for a client in a couple of months.


Alex said...

Gorgeous snaps you took of london!

F.M. said...

Thanks Alex - London was crazy beautiful to me this time. Undergoing so much construction (upcoming Olympics) and beautiful mix of contemporary and charming old buildings. Had an amazing time photographing it all!