Friday, February 25, 2011


Recently, my friend, Montréal-based artist Kevin Ledo, painted me (the large centre canvas in the pic above). I met Kevin when I interviewed him for my CBC radio column, "On the Verge" several years ago. Since then, we've become goods pals. Kevin is best known for his 'Guiding Light' series where he examines the iconography prevalent in fashion photography.

I love the way the painting turned out. Kevin managed to capture an honest, and pleased expression on my face that I think I tend to make before I crack up with laughter. Thanks Kev!


Leather & Lace said...

wow this is stunning..the colors are amazing!

Anonymous said...


What an honor!

It looks beautiful - lucky girl. :)

Tomasz Konefal said...

looks really great, Raj! though, for a moment i thought it may have been Sandy!

amalie said...

wow, amazing!

María said...

That's great! Being the muse must feel amazing.

Sunniva said...

I really like this! He has captured you in a beautiful way, in lovely colours xoxo

Antonia said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! I love finding new blogs of fellow Canadians!

That painting is GORGEOUS, the colors are amazing. So much talent.

x Nia

Haute World said...

That is a gorgeous portrait of you! I love how it appears to be a cross between a photograph and a painting. Also love that expression on your face!

Alex said...

I don't usually like representational portraits because they have no life but this is SO beautiful and feels very personal somehow.

Totally dynamic and stunning.

Did he 'gift' it to you or is it for sale?


F.M. said...

TOmasz -- I know, totes looks Sasperella. ;)

Alex - I think it's for sale!

Y'all are so sweet with your comments -- thank you!

ediot said...

that's amazing. what a talented guy! love his pieces
thanks for sharing
hope you're having a wonderful weekend


Rosa and Carlotta: Illustrated-Moodboard said...

Wow, it's BEAUTIFUL!

GIVEAWAY (as seen on at Illustrated-Moodboard

Anonymous said...

Just checked out the artist's Golden Series online: amazing! Talented artist.

Ashley said...

That painting is gorgeous, what an amazing piece! And what a talented friend you have! :)


F.M. said...

Just learned from the painter that the painting of me is being 'acquired' right now. !!

Anonymous said...

I die!

This is amazing.

Any idea how large the painting is, and what it sold for? Or is that rude to ask? ;)