Monday, April 04, 2011

Happy Birthday Times in NYC

I got treated to a fun birthday gift - a trip to New York City. 

Time spent laughing with my beautiful friends, catching live music, browsing/touching/trying on fashion, savoring coffee, and eating delicious meals throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan, as well as checking out gallery openings and parties were highlights. Visiting new'ish gallery, 319 Scholes, for its JstChilln/READ/WRITE exhibition was worth the trek to Bushwick which, I clearly seem to be enjoying in the photo below!

But my favorite part of the trip was time spent wandering with the best company, discovering the tiny pieces of magic the usual hustle often hides. My tender toes had their bootcamp back into Spring with the sheer volume of walking I did. 

In my Master's thesis published a few years ago, I wrote a lot about the act of walking, and what subconscious desires and deliberate intentions comprise the simply-perceived, though actually quite complex, activity. I was reminded of this in New York where I must have spent 12-14 hours each day walking, playing the role of the flaneuse. The staccato rhythm of the city; a conveyer belt of fast ideas, commercial cacophony, and grand dreams in constant cyclical motion. 

Walking The Highline on the radiantly sunny afternoon on my birthday ad me glistening, and content with a very full heart.
Doc Martens (London), full-length printed jumpsuit (Glasgow), Rick Owens leather jacket (Paris), fur & feathers (Montreal), worn in NYC whilst galavanting the Highline on a chilly and sunny bday afternoon

A quick meeting with a possible collaborator at NPR, an interview with an artist for my Art21 column, and a snappy consulting session with a styling client allowed me to squeeze a bit of very fun work in to my leisurely vacay too.

For my fashion fiends

1) I was birthday-gifted the Junya Watanabe piece of my daydreams. (!) A navy and white striped dress/shirt/lifeline. 
2) Too bad for my pocket book, I discovered that silk, floor-length, jewel-toned FENDI gowns are my JOINT!!
3) I found out that Steven Alan designs are something to behold when you actually try them on. The fit is impeccable. 
4) I should give royalties to my dear friend whose custom furs which I wore in NYC were traffic stoppers; I got asked about them everywhere I went.
5) I think Opening Ceremony has always had it going on, and their website these days is a slick combination of inspiration, and convenience. But their actual NY stores these days? Dismal windows, oppressively hot temperatures and cluttered 'merchandising' complete with decrepit displays falling apart with nary a person to reassemble them. FAIL. However, mega customer service points to everyone at the Jil Sander, Alexander WangZero and Prada boutiques for all their enthusiasm and help when I visited. (I'm writing a piece for a publication right now on shopping high-end in NYC and so my radar for merchandising and customer service was particularly sensitive!)
6) I got picture taken by "Babes at the Museum" style blog! I lamented to the lovely photographer, Xavier, that I may not be 'babe enough' the day he asked to take my photo at PS1 but he reassured me with subtle flattery and you will find my awkwardness evidenced here in the result:
And in these two photos (above and below), I'm caught by my photographer friend, while I was playing with my necklace at brunch in Brooklyn. The light captured here was too beautiful not to include some evidence of it! 
SO much love. A perfect birthday. With every passing year, life keeps getting better and for this, I am truly thankful.
- - Et aussi un grand 'merçi' a tous mes amis a New York qui m'a montré des temps merveilleux. 

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Camille said...

Hi Raji - thanks for your comment, if only because I've discovered your blog, which already I find quite enjoyable, interesting and intelligent. You seem to have varied interests and I find that makes for more interesting posts.

The jumper is lovely, actually I'm thinking of adding that to my "uniforms" for the spring & summer. thing is, I find it hard to find great-fitting jumpers, I'm pretty finicky for those.

You modeled for Norwegian Wood... Have you modeled for the Audrey Cantwell line as well? Your face looks familiar and I thought maybe... I really loved the latest line and hate myself for not getting a pair of the leather panel leggings they had.

Anyway thanks again for stopping by...

Victoire said...

Is that an Ariel De Pinto necklace in your "Babes at the Museum" pic (SUCH a cute idea for a blog by the way!) Either way, love it! xo

F.M. said...

Victoire: yes, that's an Arielle DePinto necklace - good eye! :)

F.M. said...

Camille: Indeed, I modeled and styled for Norwegian Wood AND for Audrey Cantwell. You've got a good visual memory! :)

20 York Street said...

You did your thesis on the art of walking? Wow, that's very interesting!


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Nicole✗✗ said...

Great outfits!! I love the necklace towards the end, gorgeous!!

Hannah said...

I am so jealous, brunch in Brooklyn might literally be the best activity ever.

beckie said...

thanks for commenting on my blog.
i really like your posts, they are very interesting...and i agree about steve alan's designs :)

sarah said...

looks like a great birthday weekend. beautiful necklace! give me your rick owens jacket!!!

monica said...

happy belated birthday!

i LOVE the way that you wore that fur

the pink boudoir

t said...

Cool outfit!

megan said...

that necklace is stunning! thank you so much for your comment; i'll definitely be back. xoxo

Dania said...

Happy birthday to you, you look gorgeous!

Plateau Bird said...

Beautiful and radiant!

Happy birthday gorgeous!

MJ said...

Wow, what a cosmopolitan outfit! It looks great, too - would love to be in NYC right now!

Ashley Bilodeau said...

Hey Raji!

Thanks for commenting on my cookie blog. LOL I also have a fashion blog and work in the industry..

Anyway. Love your blog and your cute lil photos! You are super duper fuN! Happy belated birthday to you!!!


-Ashley Bilodeau

A La Mode said...

Happy Birthday! x

Anonymous said...

Hey,great blog!nice pics!

P.S:Happy Birthday!kisses

wobblinbetty said...

amazing necklace darling!