Sunday, June 26, 2011

Montreal vs. Toronto: StreetStyle Battle Royale

Oui, c'est moi! I was recently asked by the great people at Tourism Toronto to be their Stylist judge for a streetstyle contest -- Montrealers vs. Torontonians via a live web cam/screen downtown in each city -- at  "The Cheating Wall". 

From the photo above it's hard to tell that I'm melting (32degrees that day!) in my vintage cream, silk Lanvin blouse and lawn-green, high-waisted Prada skirt, but it was well worth the effort. Normally, I wear leave my crown of curls as-is in humid weather but I had a T.V. gig earlier that day and I would've barely fit in the frame with my usual wild mane!

I love Montréal and I visit Toronto often for clients. It's hard to 'judge' places held so close to heart, and yet... I did! Shoot, to be honest, for people that live in these cities, pegging TO against MTL is unavoidable. It runs deep in the DNA of our available conversation topics. After the contest, Tourism Montreal interviewed me about Montreal and Toronto style. The results are pretty funny. Peep it here (and sorry - you'll have to mind the writer's typos in the linked article!). 


monica said...

u look gorgeous!

Donelle (from the Plateau!) said...

GD girl! You look stunning. Do you do a lot of TV? You look so glamorous :)

atelier said...

congratulations! I am sure it is going to be really cool :)

Leather Jacket said...

Looks really beautiful, I like your style....

thanks to share,

Anonymous said...


You look hot lady.

I've been enjoying your voice on the radio but you should do TV all the time!


didie said...

Looks really beautiful !
thx for this pics !

Joy (Mile End!) said...

Been listening to you all summer long on CBC Radio!!!!
Enjoy the eclectic mix of music coverage you bring and your unique perspective.

Lady - you will go far in the Canadian broadcasting landscape!

- Joy

María said...

I was in Toronto a few years back and I was surprised by all the stylish people I saw.


love how you assembled your ensemble!

happy to have found your blog,

Berg said...

You look so classy! Love your gold top/green tulip skirt combo.