Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer Abseentee'ism Explained!

I have been so absentee on my blog, I ought to pay it child support. My excuse is that I have very luckily been on the morning shift as Arts Reporter on the super-duper-awesome morning program on CBC Radio One in Montreal all summer. This means waking at the crack of summer's magic hour: 4:30am. It means stumbling through twilight-lit closets, groping in the depths of my wardrobe for the right texture, or color combination while my coffee machine brews the World's Strongest Espresso in the kitchen and BBC's World Report plays in the background. (That proper English accent delivering the news serves like an extra dose of caffeine!). While I hardly need to look a beauty queen in the studio (and who needs to when the mic doesn't come with a camera?), I still think a little bit of effort is important, especially at that hour - it wakes you up and is a sign to your colleagues that you respect what you do for a living, and that you respect the professionalism of the work environment. It doesn't hurt that I love visual ideas and composing an outfit is an expression of that fun, and ongoing experiment. Besides, if anyone doesn't have to dress drab for work - it's me! As a radio personality and arts/culture writer who runs her own personal stylist consulting business, I get to take a few sartorial liberties where I realize others may not... with one caveat, I need to be able to ride a bike in my outfits. 

My Summer days on-air, not blogging here
On my bike ride to work, there are very few cars on the road. I race the rising sun downhill to the Mothership, ahem, the Glorious CBC Headquarters. In my head, I am rifling through the top Arts and Culture stories in my head. I am going through the playlist of songs from bands that are playing in our city throughout the week, thinking about which ones I'll play for listeners. I am grinning and biking, and singing.

I love doing Arts on CBC Radio One in Montreal. I love interviewing local artists, musicians, film makers, authors and actors; uncovering their stories and sharing them with listeners. Every story I do is part of my ongoing loveletter to this wonderful city. And now, back to my other radio commitments, and writing deadlines and S T Y L I N G. Happy End O' Summer y'all & thanks for keeping up despite my infrequent posts!
Random photo of  me + sunset. Going to have to revel in these last days of Summer... feels like Fall's a heartbeat away!


la belle fille said...

I have been enjoying hearing you mornings on CBC this summer! I appreciate your range of stories.

Maybe a note for your directors however: I fear CBC is leaning too far the way of "Entertainment" coverage these days than real stories Montreal and Canada.

Good luck with it all and beautiful photograph!

- Sasha (Plateau)

Giselle said...

And we love listening to you! xo

Giselle :)

megan said...

what a lovely photo!

Camille said...

I do like this photo and I think you live a pretty neat existence. Thanks for sharing part of it here on the blog!

Prosecco said...

I love CBC and I love Montreal! You have the best job in the world!!

Anonymous said...

I heard you on Radio Canada... so you work there too?!

Gorgeous photograph. What a sunset!

You have enviable style and if I could afford a stylist you would be whom I would hire!