Saturday, May 26, 2012

Product Talk - a reader request

My sweet maman doesn’t wear makeup. She doesn’t need to, and never has. Her lifelong practice of meditation and yoga, smoke and drink-free vegetarian diet (and no doubt, genes!) have made her skin radiant. Beyond the rare application of a lipstick, I’ve never known her to apply anything to her face. And her glowing skin thanks her for it, but also, so does her lifestyle. Imagine the thousands of dollars and hours she has saved, not to mention the vanity-free attitude she has enjoyed because of it. She’s never worn mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, concealer, foundation etc. Makeup is a bit of a chicken-or-the-egg conundrum, isn’t it? One uses makeup to hide flaws and enhance features and yet, doing so tends to damage the skin in the process.

Despite my mother’s saintly example, I on the other hand, do indulge in the slightest bit of makeup, though I keep it simple. (I recently got asked by not one but TWO readers about what I do for my skin, alors...on y va!). I love Dr. Hauschka’s natural creams and I swear by the organic  Prodigious Oil by NUXE and use it on my everything; face, neck, nails, legs, and even my long mane of curls. 

The Body Shop (remember them?) is still around, and they’ve revamped their product offerings including an easy natural and mineral line of makeup. The Bodyshop Hemp handwash and Brazilian almond hand cream are deliciously rich.

But the grand prize in buoying vanity naturally goes to Lariese. I discovered this all-natural skincare line on my recent trip to Sydney, Australia where I met with the son of the chemist and designer who started the line. The company's objectives are clear: all-natural, effective, luxurious products. The 100% pure organic Argan oil by Lariese is my favorite product e-v-e-r.  Use it on wet or dry hair, straight or curly: it protects hair and gives it natural bounce. And, drum roll please, it doesn't even contain any silicones i.e.) plastic coating for the hair,  (ahem, Shu Uemura Essence Absolue!). Alas, you can't buy Lariese products anywhere in Canada, hint  hint local distributers!

Admittedly, perfume isn't really "skincare" and yet allow me this one last indulgence and unpaid plug (companies must love fashion bloggers), to share my fave scent. I've pushed all my Prada and Balenciaga bottles to the back of my beauty shelf to make room for "CB Experience" scents from, "I Hate Perfume", a Brooklyn-based company that begins with the premise that, and let's face it, most perfumes are gross; stenchy auras that remind us of old women too done up in layers of lavender and rose-things. My bottle of "In the Summer Kitchen" is airy, light, and unlike any cloud of aromas I've ever waltzed through before.

Ok Spring kittens, with beauty post #1 under my belt, let's not make a habit out of this.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha thanks for the post. Curiosity fulfilled!

Montreal gal said...

Good idea wrt switching to Argan oil. I recently discovered the "myth" of Morocan oil myself. Marketers be damned!

I Hate Perfume looks good but I just checked out their prices... $90/15ML ?? C'est trop.

Plateau Bird said...

My beauty cabinet is - no kidding - FIVE TIMES the size of what yours probably is.

Minimalism is the New Spring.

Anonymous said...

Seeing this post I realize it's the bottles and elite packaging that suck me in to buying products.

Karl said...

I LOVE the Prodigious Oil by Nuxe! I am a cosmetician and I recommend it to all my clients! It is the best for any use!

Anonymous said...

Went out and bought the NUXE oil you mention. New obsession!

Anonymous said...

You are a snappy writer. This is better than the local paper. You should write their beauty column!