Tuesday, February 20, 2007

wings of desire

Diane Pernet teased us today with an enchanting image of delicate Lily Cole in a gown with enormous, dark silver Boudicca wings, reminding us that the designers' collection is about to show in Paris.

There exists a compelling tension in Boudicca garments, explored through life's simple dichotomies: death/life, anger/joy, depression/ecstasy. For Boudicca's designers, Zowie Broach and Brian Kirkby, the relationship between a wearer and its garments provides a psychoanalysis of expression that they describe as 'social documentation' that uses clothing to externalize an individual's emotions. The most playful of these subconscious manifestations are the clothes which appear to be one thing from the front, and yet, are something completely different from behind - a clean Aline reveals a Japanese obi from behind, while a seemingly mid-thigh skirt surprises us without having a rear to it.

Boudicca Fall/Winter 06

Boudicca suggest that the idea of fa├žade really is about the face - at once a mirror and a reflection of all that looks at it, and at the same time, an unpredictable and (if we're lucky!), delightfully bewildering interpretation or (mis)representation of the world we live in.

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