Monday, February 19, 2007

Armor Amour

I enthusiastically wore one of my favorite accessories - a gold crocheted necklace - at least twice a week, until its up-and-coming Montréal designer, Arielle de Pinto, asked to borrow it back for use as a prototype model. Begrudgingly... I gave it to her, and my collarbone has been missing the weight of this unique and versatile piece ever since!

Wearing one of these pieces feels like modern day decorative armor. A perfect fusion of durable functionality and style, dePinto's hand-crocheted chain necklace (comes in gold-plate and nickel) provides flexible armor for the neckline, and because of the tightly-crocheted chain, moves on the skin as if it were a knit fabric. The chain lends itself to durability because of its weave, and therefore doesn't require finicky or delicate clasps. As recently mentioned in refinery29 de Pinto's design's are available at No. 6 in New York.

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