Monday, June 25, 2007

Comedy or Tragedy?

Friends, wardrobe wayfarers, quelques fois naysers: what do you make of the above photos borrowed belovingly from pro-photog-blogger, Facehunter? Without a doubt, Yvan Rodic - the man behind the brilliant docu-blog, Facehunter, is in-touch with street-style and pure wacky ensembles - inspiring spades of copycat fashionistas the world over. Scanning Facehunter has become a fun and irreverent morning ritual for me. The best is when I see shots like the ones above which, are punctuated with sliding my laptop screen over to my friend, and asking, "comedy or tragedy?" My friend thought the image on the left was a pirate gone overboard (a tragedy), and the Lion King-in-teased-bangs and a royal purple dress was a humorous effort (comedy).


sulu-design said...

Yikes to both. I can't laugh or cry - my jaw is still on the floor.

ambika said...

I've seen jewelry with those numbers--like those put on houses as part of their address--and it just doesn't work.

He's a Seinfeld joke.