Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Only a certain kind of dame can pull off a quirky yet elegant hat such as this one. The weightless feathers rooted on her crown and pointing in different directions, makes me wonder if the milner took inspiration from a weather vane. So, while I don't imagine I've seen any madames daring to be so bold with their headgear recently, maybe it's because wearing an unusual hat takes more than just a pretty hat, but more importantly, the confidence to wear it. This British (of course) woman has got hattitude to spare. Image via Getty Images.


dusk&summer said...

hattitude? lol did you make that up because if you did....trademark it lol

Anonymous said...

i love it! you have coined the phrase, and i love it!

i wish i had more hattitude... like isabella blow hattitude.

WendyB said...