Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Slow to catch the geek boat?

Page6 in the New York Post ran the above image with a story about how Buddy Holly specs are all the rage. Martin Scorcese and Woody Allen must be smug about how this look has become an official trend.
Several years ago I lived in Berlin and was astonished at how ahead of the curve their style is; girls and boys alike are daredevils without much care for the finishing and details in their clothes. Elsewhere in Europe - in Paris, and London - you tend to see the start of a trend wave in highstreet shops. But in Berlin, you get a real stab at individuals - apart from the mainstream droves - doing something kooky, off-beat, 'fugly' and even unflattering with their style that then, takes another several years to become a major fashion trend in other cities. I remember seeing this phenomenon take place in Berlin with eighties asymmetrical haircuts long before they'd barfed out of salons in New York. Same goes for skinny jeans so tight they threatened to cut off the circulation of blood in your ankles. Now, many years after observing young Berliners balance clunky, vintage, nerdbomber eye glasses that occupy three-quarters of one's visage, geeky spectacles are being worn by fashionistas and celebrities.

I've been wearing a pair of nerdy, retro, slight cat-eye shaped, tortoise shelled Kio Yamato's for four years now. But I also love 'nerd' spectacles that stray from the Woody Allen effect; offering a less serious vibe. I have a pair of 1950's, white and gold Valentino's and my favorite; a newly acquired pair of black plastic-stemmed, John Lennonesque, circle shaped vintage Gianfranco Ferre's with gold detailing are awaiting new lenses at the optician as I type this.

I wear prescriptive glasses but I would wear nerdy glasses with fake lenses even if I had perfect vision because, like any other non-utilitarian accessory (a necktie, earrings etc)., spectacles can drastically change your look - even if just for a day.


Anonymous said...

These are so out of date, as is your style.

Fashion Minute said...

Thanks for your comment! I think a fad is something that can be coined, as you put it, 'out of date', but that style is something which supersedes a fad.

Style is a signature and an attitude. Style is an individual choice; it is going for something because it feels right for you and not because it's 'in' or 'out', nor because it will appease other people.

.lysse said...

i agree. the look can be super cute and I've always been a sucka for the nerd. but I feel like this has been around for a couple of years now and all the major media is just announcing it as a trend.

Fashion Minute said...

Lysee: it always takes the mainstream media a few years to realize what is ACTUALLY going on on the street, doesn't it?

.lysse said...

ha, word.