Monday, February 02, 2009

Skin on skin / What's in a name?

Flesh-toned, natural, skin-colored. "Nude" is an interesting name for a 'color'. Who's nude does it refer to anyway? Not my brown skin, that's for sure. Not Grace Jones' skin either, I imagine. If she's in something that appears translucent and camouflages with her skin tone, it's called 'chocolate' by industry writers. If I go for the same effect, it's referred to as, 'mocha'. It's one of those subtle ways in which the fashion industry overlooks it's own silly contributions to a Caucasian-centric self-identity.

Above: Berlin designer, Kaviar Gauche on their F/W 2009 runway show (via fashionwirepress). What should the headline read? Models strut their stuff in near-invisible fabrics? Caucasian girls wear see-through garments the color of their own skin?

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Odd looking butts....