Monday, March 16, 2009

Unlikely Musketeers

Large, lesbian singer, Beth Ditto, has been quoted dissing Kate Moss for her skinniness. Designer, Karl Lagerfeld, is notorious for being 'fat-phobic'. How did the three end up becoming pally at the recent FENDI party in Paris? Ahh, Kate's track record for befriending musicians (Pete Doherty, Mariana Faithful, James Hince), perhaps? Images from and Daily Mail.


Eeli said...

Ouch, hope it wasn't too mortifying though? Tis a very surreal feeling even if no-one hops onto that wiki page lol. What was your mention?

Ms Ditto is such an admirable public figure. The more i hear of her the more i swoon.

Hope all is well on your end :)

Cillian said...

I once caught one of Beth Ditto's shoes ha! It was at Electric Picnic 08 in Ireland.

PS. I've liked to your blog!

/Male Mode.

AsianCajuns said...

I can't image what Kate, Beth and Karl had to talk about. They all seem pretty set in their ways.

Pretty Little Pictures said...

Tehee, gotta wonder!