Saturday, March 21, 2009

Birthday brightening

I have this fun, unnecessarily narcissistic, completely self-indulgent ritual where, a couple of weeks prior to my birthday, I begin to make a mental list of what I'm going to get myself as gifts for my special day. Some things have been nixed from the list, including over-the-knee boots, a Vanessa Bruno bag, and a beater bike to replace my rusted one... (these things I'll save for another month or so down the road). There are, as usual, some books on the list including new fiction, philosophy, and a social economics gem. I'm also looking forward to getting myself a special piece from Harakiri, as well as some (overpriced!) fashion industry magazines to mull over for midnight soaks in the tub. Books, mags, jewelery? A good way to commemorate knocking off another year of my twenties.

I just picked up a couple pairs of platforms as early bday gifts to myself: a sturdy pair of caramel brown leather knockouts from Frye and these purple beauties from Charlotte Ronson:
They look fabulous with my tri-colored, knee high Prada socks. I'm in Vancouver right now - land of dour faces affected by the dark skies of late - where it has snowed, sleeted and perpetuated Gotham skies for the last month - not exactly the weather to start donning these slingbacks. HOWEVER, soon I get on a plane myself, to return to the happy homestead of Montréal where I'll be rockin' both pairs of my new shoes with a wild outfit every day, including on my birthday. Shows, shoots, styling sojourns with clients... can't wait! A trip to NYC is in the mix too. Fun city: HERE I COME.

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niamh said...

the charlotte ronsons are beautiful! lucky you!