Wednesday, May 27, 2009

City of Style/City of Cycling

This month, Montréal, a city robust with cycling enthusiasts, joined the ranks of Paris by installing a new public bike system called, BIXI ('bike' + 'taxi'). All around the city, solar-powered and wireless stations provide made-in-Québec bikes that are free for the first half hour of use which, in such a small city, goes a long way!

The BIXI is a strong example of where government can put its money where it's mouth is. Simply asking people to leave their cars at home is not enough; incentive must be provided and new changes have to be facilitated. This well-strategized project offers a bike that is simple; easy-to-use, and hard to vandalize. Its designers believe that the BIXI system will pay for itself through user fees.
Cycling in such a stylish city requires some thought to attire... how about a pair of gorgeous bike riding "Grand Tour" gloves from 'performance roadwear' label, Rapha? Enjoy and, try not to drool on your computer...

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