Monday, March 23, 2009

Charlotte Gainsbourg?

Now that the international fashion weeks have finished making their rousing rackets, and the street style snappers have turned their cameras back to more spontaneous shots not taken en route to the shows, I will share my favorite: the one photo that pops to mind without having my memory jogged. I think the Sartorialist, Scott Schuman, owns this one. Love the rock star disguise, confidence, and sharp silhouette, especially against a backdrop of an overly fussed editor and a posh and polished woman.


Pretty Little Pictures said...

The one thing htta bugs me about fashion shows are the people that go - why must they always wear black? She does look simple and understated though which is great!

Eeli said...

Perceptive analysis especially about the ambience of the picture. I have to agree with Jen though, seeing the masses largely decked out in black is a bit fustrating but i can understand their decision. It IS afterall the quintessential 'chic' colour right? The one everyone says you can never 'go wrong' with' *sigh*

She sure looks stylish though i suppose! ;)

Kira Fashion said...

She looks great in a freezind cold of NYC!

a kiss!!
Great post!