Saturday, June 11, 2011

But does it float? (Photoshoot I styled for Bijougraphie)

Bathtubs. Who knew I'd spend a day hovering over, and in one, breathing atop two dainty knock-your-aqua-socks-off models?

I styled some shots for a SS11 campaign for the jewelry line, Bijougraphie, designed by pal Mercedes LaRosa in Montréal. My job was easy. The photographer on the other hand, had to (hilariously) straddle the tub with a foot on either side of the tub for hours on end, in a steaming room, working beneath hot lights on a slippery surface for 7 hours. No biggie. Here are some extra images from the shoot styled by yours truly...

The Bijougraphie line is simple: wooden spheres, hand-painted and polished laquer that dangle from delicate chain as necklaces and earrings.  These lightweight balls of joy deserve to float from your loverly self too. Buy them online here.


Cara said...

Thanks for sharing your work and this designer's line.

I love learning about new Montreal designers!


Lizzy said...


Job well done :)