Thursday, September 01, 2011

Christian l'Enfant Roi - SS12 - Masculine Romanticism

Montreal Fashion Week kicks off next week but my boy, Christian l'Enfant Roi, presented his beautiful SS12 collection last night at a grand church in the Plateau. The opulent, pious backdrop was well served by DJ Dan LaFleche who layed tracks down while an opera chanteuse sang live during the show.
Click the image above for video.
The collection could be described as masculine romanticism. The pale, soft palette of colors of the clothes were apparently inspired by hues worn well by Christian's striking, lanky, pale-skinned, white-blonde partner (who also modeled in the show). Pajama-like pieces were an appreciated nod to the loungewear trend, but I could have done without the small-fitting (silk?) onesie that one of the models donned. My favorite pieces include gorgeous, hand-knit shoulder shrugs, bepoke button shirts, and luxe trousers. Everything looked comfortable to wear and charming without appearing too flowery. BRAVO to my chum Christian for another solid showing and an impressively original vision. 


noura. said...

ooh this is cool

Isquisofrenia said...

fashion week is starting madness!!

Syed said...

I rather liked the colour palette. I've been in black almost all year, but I'm liking the idea of super soft colours.

Victoire said...

I can't believe how well Christian is doing, so proud of him! And the collection looks gorgeous! Wish he did womens! :)

Anonymous said...

Are those socks or sneakers??

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

I love the Montreal fashion week.
Montreal is such a divine city and always a pleasure to visit. Warmly hope you are enjoying the fashion week. Have a nice weekend;-)

letizia said...

this is all quite romantic but I don't see my boyfriend wearing these...ahah ;))

Have a great we !


what a stunning atmosphere for a masculine romanticism themed collection, must hav ebeen amazing to see!

thanks for sharing,
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i can tell how much i love men in silk.



Anonymous said...

"Romantic Masculinity"... I like that. :)